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DACA/DAPA Lawsuit Update: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Every day I get questions regarding the DACA/DAPA court battle, that halted the Obama administration from moving forward with a plan to grant deportation relief to millions of undocumented immigrants and their families. Is it already over? Did the Obama administration lose? When can we expect the programs to actually go into effect? While many […]


Four Immigration Facts the Republican Candidates Got Wrong in the GOP Debate

CNN’s Republican debate was probably the hottest item on TV last night. But what about what the candidates actually said? Let’s look at 4 things the Republicans candidates got wrong (or not quite right) about immigration in the latest debate. 1. Birthright Citizenship Is a Crazy Idea, Unique to the United States During the debate, Donald […]


DACA, DAPA Still on Hold: TX Judge Refuses to Grant Appeal

As the legal battle over President Obama’s programs for undocumented immigrants continues to unfold, the Texas Judge that stopped the initiative in its tracks in February issued another disappointing but expected decision. On Apr. 7 Texas District Court Judge Andrew Hanen stated that he would not take back his decision to temporarily stop the Department of […]