How to Get a Green Card

There are several different ways to get permanent residence (a green card) and here Hana Boston talks about the more popular methods.


There are several ways to get a US green card. Let’s discuss the most common.

[Family-based green cards:]

U.S. Citizens and green card holders can sponsor their relatives for green cards. Sponsoring or petitioning are the official terms used by the USCIS to describe the process of helping someone get a green card.

Citizens can sponsor their parents, spouse, siblings and children.

While, green card holders can only sponsor their spouse and children.

[Employer-based green cards:]

Employers can sponsor their employees for a green card as well.

In most cases, to be eligible for an employment-based green card, you must be a high-skilled professional with a permanent job offer from a US company.

[The green card lottery]

The diversity visa lottery – also known as the green card lottery – gives people around the world a chance to immigrate to the U.S. Even if they don’t have a family member or employer to sponsor them.

There are fifty-thousand green cards available through this program every year.

There are other ways to get a green card besides these three, such as through a refugee or asylum claim or if you are the victim of domestic abuse.

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