Three Hot Tips for Filing Form N-400

Form N-400 is the form used to apply for citizenship. Hana Boston lets us in on three helpful tips for filing this form.


At twenty-one pages, and thirteen for the instructions, Form N-400, application for naturalization, is pretty long. So, the more you know about it before you get started, the less likely you’ll get frustrated.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind

Tip number one

Complete Form N-400 using a computer.

USCIS will accept an application completed by hand with a black pen. However, if you make a mistake, you may have to start over. By using a computer, it’s much easier to fix any mistakes that you may make.

Tip number two

Check to make sure you have the right fee amount enclosed in your application package.

Did you know the number one reason for rejected applications sent to the USCIS is incorrect fee payments?

Save yourself the trouble and double check BEFORE submitting your N-400 application.

Tip number three

Know the time you spent outside of the U.S.

The N-400 citizenship application will ask you detailed questions about time spent outside of the U.S.

Many times, these dates are hard to remember; however, the information provided in your passport and other travel documents can help.

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